Collecting and Storing Your Cake

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If collecting by car, bring someone with you when collecting a cake. One person can drive and the other can keep an eye on the cake

Do not to put a cake on the seat of the car. Car seats are slanted for personal comfort and could therefore could cause damage to your cake. If you have someone with you, they could hold the cake whilst travelling. However please remember they are sat in a car seat that slants so please make sure to keep the cake box level. When I travel with a cake, I tend to place it in the foot-well of the front passenger seat or the boot of the car and securely wedged in place

Please give yourself plenty of time for your cake collection. Any traffic disruption tends to make even the most careful driver rush so remember to take it slowly especially when going around corners and at roundabouts. Please leave plenty of time to take a slow steady drive home or to the venue.

Your cake will come in a cake box, hold the cake box securely with both hands underneath, now is not the time to try out your one-handed waiter/waitress skills especially when trying to unlock the door of your car!
Do not pick up the cake box by the sides as the sides are designed to collapse for ease of the removal of the cake from the box.

Once you get home, store your cake in a safe place away from prying eyes and inquisitive prodding fingers (big or small) and pets. Store at room temperature, preferably the coolest room in your house and out of direct sunlight.
DO NOT put your cake in the fridge as this will dry out the sponge & make the icing sticky. However, Westwood Cakes will advise you if your cake requires refrigeration due to the ingredients used.

A collection time is arranged with you a few days before collection. Collection times are arranged to allow me to schedule other commitments and so that I know when you are expected, and I can be ready for you. If you need to change your collection time, it’s usually fine but please let me know.